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IoT (Internet of Things) has enabled us to transform components into smart and connected devices. We understand you want more efficient ways to select, procure, install, and maintain systems. That’s why our smart and connected strategy is anchored by a promise to connect you to smart systems, control those systems for optimal performance, and conserve critical resources by increasing operability, efficiency, and safety.


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As you start to notice modern tech in plumbing, you might have some questions. Download this free
e-book to better understand how to leverage IoT to benefit you and your customers.

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We’re combining products into systems that speak to each other to optimize performance and reliability. Watch the video to hear what this new wave of IoT-enabled products means for you and how we’re working to protect your data in the process.

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Connected technology is an enabler to meet the emerging needs and expectations of an ever-changing digital world. Our vision is clear: deliver superior customer value through smart and connected solutions.

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fake jordan 11s,See why Test Gauge, Inc chose SentryPlus Alert™ as part of their brand new, state-of-the-art training facility.

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Take this course to gain a better understanding of how modern tech is changing the plumbing industry as we know it.
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