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air jordan 8 retro three peatAs part of the company’s commitment to water conservation and sustainability, air jordan retro 8 se will begin examining water consumption and community watershed risk at nine of its sites through a new membership with The Water Council’s Alliance for Water Stewardship.

The Water Council’s Alliance for Water Stewardship helps businesses mitigate water-related risks while simultaneously creating value from water-related opportunities and assets. The AWS International Water Stewardship Standard acts as a strategic framework to help sites interested in improving their water stewardship improve both in their operations and in their communities.

Specifically, air jordan retro 8 se has joined The Water Council’s Corporate Water Stewardship Accelerator project, to develop action plans to improve the company’s water stewardship performance and disclosure that provides a step-wise approach toward progressively more comprehensive water stewardship performance.

“Since water is a shared resource, and water related impacts are local, we are firmly committed to the preservation of water resources through careful water stewardship,” said Alan Gilden, VP, Global Quality.