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fearless 1s jordan,ASSE product and professional standards are developed through true industry consensus, meaning experts from all segments of the plumbing and mechanical industries across the country help determine the minimum performance and knowledge requirements for the products listed below.

This table is meant to help guide you through product performance standards for jordan 3 true blue 2016 legit check plumbing and flow control components. ASSE standards are developed and revised under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards development process.,how to clean white jordans


ASSE Standard,solefly jordan 1 on feet

Applicable Series,celebrities wearing air jordan 1

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ASSE 1001,jordan 1 mid hot punch black

Atmospheric Type Vacuum Breakers

188A, 710, 715, LF288A, LFN388, LF289

Vacuum Breakers

ASSE 1003,jordan 5 retro supreme

Water Pressure Reducing Valves for Domestic Water Distribution Systems

LFU5B-Z3, LF25AUB-Z3, LFN45B, LF223, LFN223B

Water Pressure Reducing Valves

ASSE 1011,rust pink jordan 1

Hose Connection Vacuum Breakers

8, LF8, NF8, 8FR

Vacuum Breakers

how to clean white jordans,ASSE 1012

Backflow Preventer with an Intermediate Atmospheric Vent

9D, 911, 912HP

Dual Checks/Dual Checks with Atmospheric Vent

jordan 9 gym red,ASSE 1013

Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventers and Reduced Pressure Principle Fire Protection Backflow Preventers

009, LF009, SS009, 825Y, LF825Y, LF880V, 919, LF919, 957, 994, LF909 Small, LF909 Large

Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies

ASSE 1015,new york yankees jordans 11

Double Check Backflow Prevention Assemblies and Double Check Fire Protection Backflow Prevention Assemblies

007, LF007, SS007, 850 Small, 850 Large, LF850 Small, LF850 Large, LF870V, 719, LF719, 757, 774, LF709

Double Check Valve Assemblies

stockx jordan 9,ASSE 1016

Automatic Compensating Valves for Individual Showers and Tub/Shower Combinations

LFN170, HydroGuard e700, HydroGuard PB410, HydroGuard e420, HydroGuard e427

Shower Mixing Valves

ASSE 1017,jordan 11 space jam vs concord

Temperature Actuated Mixing Valves for Hot Water Distribution Systems

LFMMV, LF1170, LFL1170, HydroGuard LFLM495, HydroGuard LFLM490, HydroGuard XP LFMM430

Master Mixing Valves

jordan 9 gym red,ASSE 1020

Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assemblie

765, 800M4QT, LF800M4QT, 800M4FR

Vacuum Breakers

jordan bloodline laces,ASSE 1022

Backflow Preventer for Beverage Dispensing Equipment


Dual Checks/Dual Checks with Atmospheric Vent

air jordan value guide,ASSE 1024

Dual Check Backflow Preventers

LF7R, LF7, LF07S, LFH7

Dual Checks/Dual Checks with Atmospheric Vent

air jordan 1 origin story fake,ASSE 1032

Dual Check Valve Type Backflow Preventers for Carbonated Beverage Dispensers, Post Mix Type


Dual Checks/Dual Checks with Atmospheric Vent

ASSE 1035,jordan 1 unc chicago fearless

Laboratory Faucet Backflow Preventers


Dual Checks/Dual Checks with Atmospheric Vent

ASSE 1047,nike air jordan alternate swoosh

Reduced Pressure Detector Fire Protection Backflow Prevention Assemblies

957RPDA, LF957RPDA, 994RPDA, 909RPDA, LF866

Reduced Pressure Detector Assemblies

jordan 1 yin yang low,ASSE 1048

Double Check Detector Fire Protection Backflow Prevention Assemblies

007DCDA, 757DCDA, LF757DCDA, 774DCDA, 709DCDA, LF856, LF876V

Double Check Detector Assemblies

fake jordan 3 unc,ASSE 1052

Hose Connection Backflow Preventers


Dual Checks/Dual Checks with Atmospheric Vent

jordan 5 retro supreme,ASSE 1056

Spill Resistant Vacuum Breaker Assemblies


Vacuum Breakers

ASSE 1060,jordan 13 flint 2010 vs 2020

Outdoor Enclosures for Fluid Conveying Components

WB, jordan 3 true blue 2016 legit checkRock

Enclosures for Backflow Preventers

air jordan 1 low neon,ASSE 1069

Automatic Temperature Control Mixing Valves


Master Mixing Valves

air jordan 9 retro university blue,ASSE 1070

Water Temperature Limiting Devices
LFUSG-B, 1070, G1070, LFMMV, TempTAP 105, TempTAP 205, HydroGuard LFe480, HydroGuard LFLM495

Lavatory Mixing Valves

ASSE 1071,jordan 3 animal instinct box

Temperature Actuated Mixing Valves for Plumbed Emergency Equipment

HydroGuard ES150, ETV200 Exposed, ETV200 Cabinet

Emergency Valves